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Tips on Selecting the Right Baby Gear

Every day many children end up at the hospital or in doctor’s clinic due to preventable accidents in and around the home. The truth is that parents can avoid such accidents by purchasing the right gear for their babies, it is not only imperative to buy the right baby gear, but it is also paramount to know how to use it properly to prevent accidents.

One of the essential baby gear is a cot. It is vital to highlight the fact that when buying a cot, there are certain issues that the buyer should address such as the length of the cot, which should be between 0.9 and 1.4 meters long and the sides of the cot should allow for aeration. The bottom of the cot should be adjustable such that it can be raised or lowered and the cot should not have any sharp edges, splinters or pointed screws that can hurt the child. In addition the cot should also have no buttons or other objects on the top because the child can get stuck to them. Concerning usage, there are certain things to follow such as avoiding placing the cot near a heater or radiator or close to an open window or curtains since this exposes the baby to extreme temperatures. The baby should not be strapped into a cot because they can roll over and suffocate and the bottom of the bed should be adjusted to a middle position once the child can roll over but afterwards, it can be adjusted to the lowest position once the child can sit up.

Every cot needs a mattress, and since young children spend a lot of time in their cots there is a need to get a high quality and safe mattress. The mattress should be firm in a way that the child cannot lift the mattress by himself or herself, and they cannot get under the mattress. The mattress should be flat without any lumps or dips and the mattress ought to fit snugly into the cot without leaving any gaps between the mattress and the cot since the gaps can trap the child between the mattress and the side of the bed. It is vital to state that the mattress should also not be too soft because the child’s face could be buried in it and risk choking the child. It is important to state that the softness of the mattress can be tested by using the flat part of the hand and the arm outstretched and if the mattress can only be pressed in slightly then it is good mattress.

The mattress cover should not be made of plastic because the child might suffocate and the material does not let fresh, clean air pass through it.If You Think You Get Gear, Then Read This

Learning The “Secrets” of Gear

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